Our Stories Unite Us.

Our stories unite us. Let’s do a slam and a half.

Arizona Desert Gardening

You can garden for fruits and vegetables in the Arizona desert. Gardening like this requires that you relearn some new ways of thinking. Many snowbirds who move to Arizona think the habits, calendars and expectations of their Midwest gardening experience will carry over into their new desert home. Click the title and read more now.

The hidden camera and your business

Are you considering a hidden camera on your property? Be aware of a few things.

Stun Guns, Personal Security and Mindfulness

Keep breathing. Keep laughing. Keep reaching out to others. Your life is not meant to be lived cowering in a corner. Buy a stun gun if you need to.

Let’s talk about cheese and other stuff.

Hello. Expect to see a variety of subject matters as we get rolling. Thanks for stopping in.