Stun Guns, Personal Security and Mindfulness

While the world is not ending on the Dec 22, it seems people are more on edge than ever. If you are feeling nervous about life these days and personal security, consider these four things.

1. Mindfulness counts.
There is nothing like being always aware of what is going on around you. Do you look carefully into the parking lot before you wander into it? Are there people there that make you nervous? Do not go into a situation where your “gut feeling” and intelligent assessment tells you that something is just wrong. Parking lots are just one example.

2. Invest in security equipment if needed.
Maybe you do need good self-defense gear. While carrying a bullet-shooting gun might not be right for you, you might find a stun gun to a good choice. Maybe pepper-spray will help. You might need to upgrade your home security system. Educate yourself and take action.

3. Educate yourself.
Along with equipment, you can learn many ways about self-defense and personal security in cases of emergency. While you do not need to panic and start hoarding oatmeal in your garage, it might be good for you to takes courses from your local community college in personal defense and home security. Your local government probably offers classes in these subjects, too.

4. Don’t live in fear.
Keep breathing. Keep laughing. Keep reaching out to others. Your life is not meant to be lived cowering in a corner. Take action and enjoy your life, but be wise about your choices.

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