The hidden camera and your business

Are you considering a hidden camera on your property? Be aware of a few things.

While you might feel more secure, nothing takes the place of being smart. You can capture the odd doings around your home or office but do not think the camera will take the place of you being vigilant.

Also know that hidden cameras may or may not be legal in your state or country. Do your research! Just because you can use a camera does not mean that you should. If you plan on using it with employees, be sure that there is a part of your contract with them that says they may be recorded or under surveillance.

Do not ever put a hidden camera in a bathroom or dressing room. You will have huge, giant problems when that is discovered.

You will also find that security cameras can help your whole team and family to feel a bit more secure in their day-to-day lives, just knowing that there is always an “eye” out for them. Be sure you check out the many great websites that teach you the best ways to install and monitor your hidden cameras. Be smart and know that, sometimes, you will catch some hilarious stuff on the recordings.

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